Hi, I'm Sara. When my son was two, he went into a fog called Autism. He is seven now, and my family is on a mission to bring him back. Together, we are Finding Jackson.

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Looking forward again

Looking forward again

What has happened? It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted anything about our journey…really? Two? Yep. I had to double check. Since then, surprise baby number 5 has become a rampaging toddler and mess-maker extraordinaire, breaking all of his siblings’ records for getting into things.

Along with managing my 5 little monkeys, I have stepped into the children’s ministry director position at our church, sent my beautiful girls to public school, and as of December have left the open fields surrounding our small rental to buy our first home less than a mile away and enjoy a fenced-in backyard in town. Jackson loves it and made the adjustment amazingly and gleefully. But he misses his favorite “tall trees” as well as our dear friends who live there. We follow the tree tops and visit when we can. Continue Reading

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