Hi, I'm Sara. When my son was two, he went into a fog called Autism. He is seven now, and my family is on a mission to bring him back. Together, we are Finding Jackson.

Archive for September, 2010


So, how do you have a real gutty, honest conversation on a blog? I’ve been grappling with this lately, because I think Sara and I are generally a hopeful pair. Naturally, then, on this blog, the glass is always three-quarters full. But I have to be blunt: this has been a BAD couple of months with Jackson. His words are gone, the humming-bird speed hand-flapping has become almost constant, and he is hardly responding to us the way he was in the Spring. We’ve told you about the waves of progress and regress. This is the bottom of that cycle. At least I hope it’s the bottom. Continue Reading

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