Hi, I'm Sara. When my son was two, he went into a fog called Autism. He is seven now, and my family is on a mission to bring him back. Together, we are Finding Jackson.

Archive for March, 2010


It happened twice this month.

He was there, then he wasn’t. If you’re a parent, you probably know the drop-me-off-a-cliff sinking feeling. I lost my oldest daughter in a MacDonalds Play Place once…

This was different. Continue Reading


Jack wants chips!

A pudgy index finger jabs his chest, then Jackson looks carefully down at his hands as they form a triangle and finally his eyes connect with mine as he rubs his chest signing please. “I want….chips….please.” This phrase thrills me as it falls from Jackson’s lips. It makes me want to stock my pantry with 10 bags of tortilla chips in order to reward this communication! Continue Reading



So…we did the potty party two weekends ago, and after spending over 30 hours in the bathroom, we saw minimal success. We lived in the bathroom: ate lunch in the bathroom, spun a top over 100 times, ate snacks, watched movies, jumped, danced, made obstacle courses, and made up jazzy personalized potty songs, of course, all in the bathroom. Because we have only one bathroom, everyone modeled going on the potty and was rewarded with what was promised Jackson if he would actually do the same. This means everyone got ice cream and got to put on his sister’s coveted blue floral jacket (yes, I even squeezed into it myself). On Friday, I even home schooled my girls in the bathroom. I was determined not to miss that magical “must pee” moment. Continue Reading

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