About Sara

jasonandsaraSara is a native Minnesotan who was delighted to discover that nobody actually HAS to live in sub-zero temperatures. She now lives in Oregon with her husband and five children, including Jackson, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. For the past several years, Sara has learned much about autism, but much more about her son. This blog is where she tells his story.

Sara is a children’s pastor in a medium size church. Besides teaching and writing lessons for dozens of children, she oversees a special Sunday morning classroom just for children with special needs. It’s called the “Open Heaven’s Room.” The local newspaper did a story on it here.

Sara is also a sign language expert. She holds a degree in American Sign Language, and spent years interpreting for deaf university in Minnesota and Texas. This skill helped her break through the initial language barrier with Jackson at age three, when he preferred simple signs to any spoken words.

Sara’s husband Jason, an associate pastor at the same church, also writes here from time to time, but he writes more often at his own blog, JasonHague.com. His blog includes a broader range of topics including faith, theology, and stories, but he often writes about his own struggles as an autism dad as well.

Finding Jackson is NOT a medical site. We do not offer advice of any kind. Just telling our story. If you have questions about autism, diagnosis, and treatments, PLEASE seek input from professionals. We have, and it made a drastic difference.